Friday, May 30, 2008

Would you trust this guy with your palate?

Changing the wine world, whether you want peace or not!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cerebus: One of my favorite comics...

During its run, it did not get any better then Dave Sims Cerebus. I guess not all things from Canada suck. Here's the wiki:

Anyone else love the little gray Aardvark?

Monday, May 26, 2008

I wont go nuts posting all my TN's (Tasting Notes) but here is a quick run down of the juice I consumed.

2006 Tittarelli Torrontes Reserva

Ever since I picked up a Torrontes (thanks Gary Vee) I have been through about 4-5 different wineries with varied results. I brought home several bottles of Tittarelli from the Wine Lib when they had the all day event back in March and I now have none left. It is good, very good. People step away from the Sauvignon Blanc and try a Torrontes. It is what Argentina is all about. Nice floral nose with tropical fruits and peaches. Blue stone and peaches on the palate with nice acidity. I actually prefer this to Alamos. At 11 bucks you can't beat it. Drink it all summer long (when the WL gets it back in stock that is). 90 points .

2007 Turkey Flat Rosé

Sorry for the stock image but I forgot to take a picture before we tossed the bottle.

Awesome color. Like Gary says, don't be afraid of the pink. A blend of Grenache, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Dolcetto. This is pure roses and strawberries on the nose. Not a sweet wine by any means. One of my guests thought it was White Zinfandel. I pulled up a chair and had a little discussion with her that opened her eyes to wine that actually taste like wine. This one was very complex and balanced. A bit of acidity, a bit of berries and some melon. A nice change for those women that poured a glass and was expecting sugar water. Once again 90 points.

Jonesy Old Tawny Port NV

This one was weird. I have had many Ports. Especially Tawnys. But none this cheap, 8 bucks at the Lib. The color of this one could only be described as Coca Cola. It was darker then a Madeira. There was not a hint of Port on the nose. It was where Maple Dr. and Raisin St. meet. Wow. When I took a whirl all I could think about was uncooked ginger bread dough with maple syrup and raisins on top. It was 18.0 % alcohol and I could not even tell if there was any in it at all. A very different experience. Not a bad one, just different. 87 points (good QPR)

2004 Château Petit Védrines

This was a nice break from the norm. Whats the norm? Inniskillin Vidal Ice Wine. The Chateau Petit Vedrines Sauternes was a bit cheaper (14 bucks for a 375 ml) but was no less enjoyable. Nice melon and mango on the nose plus a little petrol. Apples and mangoes with honey on the palate with overwhelming green tea on the finish. I originally scored this a 90 but I am actually going to backslide to 89 points. I have had better Sauternes, but I have paid a lot more. Good QPR.

Now here is one we didn't drink...

2007 Jorge Cabernet

Like I said, we did not drink it, but I bought a couple of bottles due to the fact the procedes go to Jorgies charity. How good could this wine be anyway? Gary are you ready to put it on WLTV? 13 bucks for a good cause. Now I hope Jorge can get healthy and join the team on the field, we need him bad.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baseball like other things in life involves patience. Maybe that's what we need this year as Girardi finds his groove with his new team. It felt good winning tonight. Not just because it was a walk-off win. Not just because it was 2 in a row. Not just because IPK got himself in and out of trouble a couple of times and avoided a big inning against him which is something that has been plaguing him all year. Mostly though, it is Girardi that has me in such a good mood. He did what I wanted Torre to do so many times, show that fire in the belly emotion. He WAS Billy Martin tonight. He was there for his team. He lit a fire that sparked this team to its first walk-off win this year.

A series win. Wow, that hasn't happened all to much this year. Nice to see Veras pitch well in that spot. Krazy Kyle had another 1-2-3 inning. It is weird but we usually win games in which Farnsworth throws a 1-2-3 inning. Lets hope he fills Joba's 8th inning role with the results we have come to expect from Joba. Shelly Duncan proved that he has one hell of an arm. Two very important throws back to the infield keeping Payton on second in the sixth and holding Hernandez to a single in the seventh. All good plays, but I would have to give Abreu an some fanfare as his at bat drawing the walk and moving Matsui into scoring position was key to winning this game. And thanks to Robinson putting that bat on his shoulders for the first couple of pitches and waiting for that perfect pitch to go the other way. That's patience at the plate. A-rod should have have worked the count as well not just look for the game winning, walk-off dinger.
Billy would have been proud

In closing we would like to thank Mr. Girardi. Thank you for the show of emotion and the show you put on. It was funny seeing Ump Chris Guccione tell Girardi to "get the fuck out of here". Joe could have been out there arguing about anything. It was the act not the content that mattered. I know Torre has been ejected once so far this year, but not in this fashion. The Billy Martin fashion.

Good show, good pitching, good game, great win.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It might take a bat this big to help the Yankees offense.

Monday, May 12, 2008

All I have is three words to add to the look on Andy's face...

Miserable, boring and unwatchable.

The good news? Igawa is out of the rotation and Rasner is pitching well. The bad news? Wang goes tomorrow on an extra day of rest. Not the best situation for a sinker ball pitcher. In other news, A-rod is getting better, but not good enough to strike out against the Mets. Posada is still looking like the team leader he is (great shots of him in the dugout before the game). IPK will be back for the game on Sunday against Santana and the Muts. I am happy to see the the current rotation has Wang pitching on Sunday when I am there. Last year Wang went one batter short of a complete game, served up 10 strike outs and won the game 8-2 versus the Mets on my Sunday game.

Hey Andy, thanks for an uninspiring outing and has anyone seen the offense?

While twitting about today I ran into an interesting website, It peaked my interest enough to stay for a bit and check a couple of reports. I even linked up a permanent gas tracker for my state as seen above. I am lucky to live in New Jersey (probably the only good reason to live here) and enjoy very low fuel prices. Unfortunately I drive a six cylinder Infiniti that sucks up the fuel like Daniel Day Lewis sucks up a milkshake, but that is my cross to bear. Anyway, looking at the national averages it is weird to see New Jersey as one of the lowest and New York and Connecticut as one of the highest. This is not a new observation just a re-newed curiosity. I live in the land of EXTREMELY high taxes yet the fuel taxes are some of the lowest. I wish I could say the same about my property tax.

The site lets users report in their gas price findings, therefore depending on the power of the number of users to keep the prices current and the data widespread. As you can see from the screencap below, they do a pretty good job at it.

So consider signing up and become one of the army and help alert drivers of the lowest gas prices in the area.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

"The Tesla" or "F You Gas Prices"

How can it be?

I thought electric cars were not supposed to be feasible. Well it turns out they just may be. I am not talking about the high end beauty you see in the picture above. No, I am talking about a $50,000 to $65,000 alternative sedan code named "Whitestar". This "sports sedan" should be out next year in time for a 2010 model year roll out. Plans to build the "Whitestar" in a new plant that will be erected in New Mexico and the possibility of the New Mexico government ordering 100 vehicles for civil service duty, are all good signs that this vehicle may very well see the light of day. The next phase, "Bluestar", will be funded by the profits of the "Whitestar". The "Bluestar" is rumored to be an entry level vehicle of sorts ($30,000). Time will tell.

Service Centers for the Tesla Roadster are planned for the following United States Metropolitan Areas:
• Los Angeles, California
• San Francisco Bay Area, California
• New York, New York
• Miami, Florida
• Chicago, Illinois

Will we all be driving cars with a giant Dust Buster motors (those of us with experience modding up Clod Busters know what I am talking about), or is this just a Jetsons pipe dream? Only time will tell. But at the current price of gas (about $3.60 here in NJ at the time of publish) and the ever growing concern of carbon footprint reduction, lets just hope we will all be plugging in and "filling" up our "fuel tanks" over night for the morning commute.

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